The following materials are compatible with the laser cutter, but please check with us if you have a unique material not included in the list. The laser is capable of cutting through thicknesses of up to 15mm subject to the type of material. However, for laser engraving, the laser can accommodate for items up to 80mm.

We stock a wide variety of materials that are perfectly suited for laser cutting and laser engraving. Please enquire about the sizes, thicknesses and colours that we have in stock. Using one of our stocked materials means that your job will be streamlined more efficiently. You are also able to supply your own material, but remember the maximum bed size is 700 x 500mm.


We can can cut, engrave and mark paper products of various thickness, coated paper, recycled paper etc.


Cut, engrave and mark wood veneer, MDF board, Plywood, Balsa, Cork & other softer wood.


Laser cutting and engraving leather allows for fine detail. We can cut, engrave and mark leather.


Laser cutting is used in the production of many acrylic and plastic products. Cut, engrave and mark acrylic, perspex and plexiglass.


SA ARGUS laser systems can cut, engrave and mark fabric, carpet, felt, fleece etc.


Engrave and mark most type of metals and coated metals.


Engrave and mark glass & crystal with Cape Laser Cut.


Rubber is an excellent material for laser cutting, engraving and marking.

Granite & Marble

A wonderful substrate for photo engraving.
We can engrave and mark granite & marble.

Ceramics & Tiles

Engrave and mark ceramic surfaces & tiles​ and add a personalised touch to any interior.